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 Serious Discussion Rules

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PostSubject: Serious Discussion Rules   Serious Discussion Rules EmptyTue Jun 21, 2011 6:22 pm

Welcome to the new and revamped rules for the Serious Discussion section. As you likely well aware, this section is dedicated to the discussion of anything too serious for General Chit Chat. Politics, current events, moral issues, and the discussion regarding religion should all be discussed in this section. The moderating team for this section consists of Avalanchemike and Notsil. You should familiarize yourself with these members and their respective moderating styles.

In this section, you will be subject to harsher moderation than in the GCC or Zelda sections. A degree of leniency will be shown to those ignorant to the way of things, but judgement shall fall swiftly upon those aware of the rules and guidelines of this section.

Flaming and trolling will not be tolerated in this section. While it is natural that discussing sensitive subjects will lead to heated words, it is the responsibility of the user to maintain control over their actions and words. This will be considered your first and last warning on the matter. You will be infracted, not warned.

It should be made known that the definition of flaming is extended beyond simple insults: racism and general intolerance to any religion or minority groups is unacceptable. You have the right to be xenophobic, homophobic, or sexist -- you do not have the right to propagate hatred. There is a thin line between expression of beliefs and expression of hatred or prejudice. It is your responsibility ensure that your posts or threads do not cross this line. If you have doubts over your words, you should consult the moderators.

For all intents and purposes, any thread or post stating that one group is inherently better than any other group and doing so in a derogatory fashion will be subject to the above stated rules.

The quality and content of your posts will be subject to moderation. Posts made in this section should be of higher quality than those made in General Chit Chat or Zelda. Make an effort to further discussion as much as possible with each post – if you can further discussion with only a single line, that is fine, but otherwise single line posts will be deleted on sight. Unless you are adding something to a previously touched on subject or the thread has move back to a previously touched on subject, posts should not cover something the thread has already moved on from.

Posts made with little consideration for the English language will be deleted. We are not asking for perfection, some members are not native English speakers and we all make mistakes. There will be tolerance in this respect as long as the member posting makes an effort.

Religious discussion threads will be limited in quantity. In the interest of promoting discussion into new topics, there will be a limited number of threads dedicated to the discussion of the Judeo-Christian God. There can only be one thread dedicated to the discussion of the existence of said God, and no more than one thread dedicated to discussing the nature of said God. This rule will be extended to discussion on the Bible and validity of the Christian faith.
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Serious Discussion Rules
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